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Wedding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the photographers?

Susan and John! We are a creative couple who met through our love of photography and together we capture the spirit and romance of Your Big Day.

Why hire a photography couple?

Two photographers are better than one!  In the morning we capture the story of both Bride and Groom as they prepare.   In the Church, because there are two of us, it means less moving around is required to get all the angles, resulting in very inconspicuous, quiet coverage. Working as a team means we can be in two places at once! This allows us to unobtrusively cover a scene from different angles. For example: John, could be way up in the church gallery, capturing the first backlit steps of the Bride onto the aisle…while Sue, below, simultaneously catches the Groom’s first loving glimpse of his beautiful Bride! Working together throughout the day, your two photographers can capture all the wonderful stolen & spontaneous moments, all the natural impromptu shots of mingling, laughter and romance alongside all the other essentials.   Our low key, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ approach captures every angle of your special day, capturing the full story for you.

How would you describe your style?

Photojournalistic, Natural, Elegant.

We believe in storytelling approach. Using a blend of photojournalism and reportage, our aim is to unobtrusively capture the feeling, fun and emotion of the day. We want to create a storybook feel for your album, showing the day as it unfolds, resulting in images that are spontaneous and natural. Using a mixture of candid, reportage and relaxed traditional groupings, we will capture the spirit of your day in black & white and glorious colour. Your photographs will have an elegant and timeless and appeal and will conjure up happy memories of your Wedding Day to be treasured always.

How long have you been wedding photographers?

Between us, John and I have over 20 years’ experience shooting weddings (and also PR photography for business)

Do you have business insurance?

Yes! As members of the Irish Professional Photographers Association, we’re completely covered with liability and equipment insurance. Indeed, if your venue requires proof of insurance, just let me know.

Do you travel for weddings? Does it cost more?

We love to travel and offer minimal travel expenses to your event. Simply put, we only ask for a direct reimbursement of applicable travel expenses.

How long do you photograph for on the Wedding Day?

Our typical wedding day coverage is around 7 hours – from morning preparations through until you are seated for dinner. We do offer packages that extend our coverage to include your speeches and first dances.

How soon after the wedding can we see our wedding images?

We take around 4-8 weeks to deliver our photos. Most of our time is spent post-processing your photos. This process is key to making your photos really beautiful and print-ready.

Why do you need to process and colour correct photos? Can I do it myself?

What comes out of the camera is a just a ‘digital negative’. Post processing and colour correction work make your photographs beautiful and ‘print-ready’. All our post processing is all done in house. Each wedding entails 2 to 4 days post-processing as well as the day shooting.

How many photos will I actually get?

For a full day event officially you get 300 to 400 photos but we don’t set a maximum. You get all the photos we edit, regardless of how many, without being charged additional fees. Your images are supplied on a printable disc in both colour and black & white.

Do you watermark the images?

No, our couples get a disc of perfected images (high-resolution & unwatermarked) all ready to print.

Can I get Prints?

Yes you can make prints directly from you disc, all your images are high-res, unwatermarked and post processed to ensure high quality printing results. If you wish you may order magnificent Pro-Lab prints from us, perfect for frames and available at reasonable rates. Regardless of obtaining the printable disc of your images, we highly recommend that all prints be ordered through our professional print lab (via your personal online gallery) for the colour and quality we intentionally post-processed each image to achieve (on archival paper, with archival inks). Framing is also available.

Can friends and family view my photos on line?

The first thing we send you is a slideshow using a selection of key shots, this is great for sharing online with family & friends. This is also supplied to you on a separate DVD for you to enjoy forever.
In addition, we host your own private password protected gallery on our website. Your family and friends can look up their favourite photos and have the ability to purchase their favourite prints online. This is a great way to pass-on the order requests from friends and family.

Do we get the Copyrights or a Print Release for our photos?

You receive full Printing Rights to your images enabling you to print as many copies or enlargements for yourself or friends and family as you wish, post online, share with family and friends etc.
Copyrights: We retain the copyrights to all the images.

Do you make wedding albums?

Yes, we offer beautifully handcrafted and highly customised wedding albums and portrait presentations for professional photography.

Why do albums?

Fifty years from now, where will your iPad be? Your computer? And you’re USB?
What about one hundred and fifty years from now? Or longer?
Technology is changing. Can you imagine losing those photographs and not being able to show your grandchildren your wedding photos on their own wedding day? Do you have the digital copies of photos from ten years ago on that old laptop? Or were they lost?
You’ll receive hundreds of images, but not everyone can enjoy sitting down and “scrolling” through them one by one. They’ll be forgotten on Facebook, or the next big social media site.
Professional prints and albums of archival quality will be the only physical memories left (excluding your weddings rings and spouse!). They will sit nicely on that shelf, hang proudly on that wall, and nestle beautifully in that album, passed down generations upon generations

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use Canon Pro digital cameras, with Canon lenses, which is the choice of many top international photographers. 2-3 back-up cameras/flash/cards. We back up all our weddings and store on both hard drives and up in the Cloud!

Do you know of any really great wedding professionals (hair, makeup, coordinators, et.) that you can refer me to?

Yes! I’m so thankful to have worked with a bunch of dependable, talented, and creative people and I would love to share their names with you!

How do you take your coffee?

With some milk, no sugar, thank you for asking ☺

Will you be posting about our wedding on your social media sites and submit to wedding magazines and blogs?

Yes, with your permission, we may post a selection on our business Facebook page
We do not submit all the weddings we’ve shot to magazines and wedding blogs, but if we do, we always ask for your permission and for a little blurb of your experience/highlights of your wedding day.

Should we give you a Shot List?

At our initial meeting, we gather a list of the family members you’d like included in the family group photos and this is a big help. Having a list of your nearest and dearest will keep everyone organized and we’ll be able to work through the groups efficiently so family can join the reception as soon as possible. An average list includes 5-10 different groups. Other than those groupings, we work best without a checklist. Of course if you are planning something unexpected please let us know, otherwise, we will be focused on capturing the celebration through unscripted moments in a photojournalistic way.

What’s the next step?

We would love to hear from you!
Get in touch!