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High Level Contemporary Corporate photography

Our team (Susan Jefferies and John Godsil) are experienced Dublin based, professional photographers producing creative, stylish commercial images. We provide clients with a reliable and friendly service. Getting to know our clients is at the heart of what we do. With over 20 years editorial experience as professional photographers and a track record for producing great press coverage, we have the skills to produce powerful and captivating images that will present your business in the best possible light.

We specialise in:


Corporate Portraits

ideal for editoral/press/website


clean & well-lit

PR photography

Visual Appeal

Why Use Us?

  • Location-based work undertakenWe can come to your location with all necessary equipment.
  • You own the Printing/Reproduction Rights to your photosYou can use your images as you wish without needing to pay more.
  • Creativity & Impact: We bring originality, experience and a keen creative eye to create powerful corporate and PR photography
  • We excel in high level Executive Portraiture for use in press releases, industry publications, magazines and websites.
  • Experience: We are great at putting people at ease and capturing images that show the subject as approachable, amenable and professional.
  • Professional: We are used to working professionally within tight timelines to capture that unique shot.

Our Service Includes:Pictured from Left: Jim Phlagen (CEO Sensage) and Owen Connolly (Principal Security Specialist, Telefonica O2 Ireland) and John Murphy (Director at a&o)

  • Location-based work – we come to you
  • Embedding of Captions/File Information
  • Digital Contact Sheet
  • Reproduction/Printing Rights
  • Post Production/Retouching
  • High Res Images supplied as Jpegs on Disc
  • Including same Images resized for Web if required
  • Online download for quick service: Images are available quickly, conveniently and very securely on-line.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer to shoot for your Business?

A picture is better than a 1000 words – We are visual creatures, we see before we read. With only seconds to grab someone’s attention and hold it, you can’t underestimate the power of strong professional imagery. Adding high quality professional photos to your press releases will place them at the top of the pile on the news desk and create visibility for your story. Professional imagery for your business is an important investment. With the internet serving as a global shop window, your website should be as visually appealing as possible. You have control over how the images you use represent your business. Differentiate yourself from the stock crowd by commissioning your own unique image bank that can only be used by you. Great photography can radically improve how well you communicate with your customers, clients and the public – which is where we come in!  “The soul never thinks without an image.” – Aristotle Contact us now to discuss your Photography requirements.